Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions applicable to all Clenz Ltd bookings.



All bookings are made in good faith and we will honour them subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Whilst we cannot undertake any work in heavy rain we may be able to use our portable shelter if the rain is light and it is not excessively windy.  It is not possible to work when the temperature is around freezing point.

If a service has to be cancelled due to poor weather we will re-book it on the earliest mutually convenient date.



We remind all Care Plan customers the day before a service is due and one-off customers approximately 10 days before the service is due.  Cancellation charges apply as follows:

  • One-off services – 50% of the quoted price will be payable if the service is cancelled in the week prior to the due date.
  • One-off services – 100% of the quoted price is payable for cancellations or no-shows on the due date of the service.
  • Care Plan customers – 25% of the quoted price is payable for cancellations on the day before the service is due.
  • Care Plan customers – 50% of the quoted price is payable for cancellations or no-shows on the due date of the service.
  • The first appointment for each new Care Plan customer will treated as a one-off service if the appointment is cancelled or if there is a no-show.

Clenz Ltd is not liable to pay compensation for appointments being delayed by bad weather ie conditions where we believe it will be unsafe, impractical or not in the customer’s best interests to carry out the service.



Account customers may pay by cheque or BACS transfer.  One-off bookings are payable by cheque on the day of the service.



We offer an instant account facility to all our Care Plan customers.  Terms are payment within 14 days of the invoice date or by other mutually agreed arrangement.

Account facilities may be withdrawn at any time.  Any monies outstanding on withdrawn accounts become immediately due.  Payment terms may be varied at any time.  Accounts for companies (Limited or otherwise) are deemed to be personally guaranteed by the originating customer.



Invoices are sent via PDF attachment to either the email address used to contact Clenz Ltd in the first instance or any other email address as requested by the customer.  Please inform us immediately if you wish to change your default email address.  We are not responsible for any privacy issues that may arise if you do not inform us of future email address changes.



We revise our prices in August of each year or whenever an exceptional circumstance dictates.  We do not communicate these changes other than via our website.

Any price that you have been quoted (in writing or via email) is the maximum price that you will pay for the quoted service, subject to general price revisions.

For vehicles that are suitable for our Flex Interior option we will quote a price based on the initial inspection of the vehicle.  This price will not be exceeded on the initial service.  For Care Plan customers on subsequent services we will charge up to 30 minutes extra time at our standard charging rate should the vehicle require additional work to bring it up to an acceptable standard.  This allows us to cater for periods of vehicle usage that are heavier than usual.  We will make such charges on a non-consultative basis unless we are informed otherwise at the start of the Care Plan service.

For Care Plan customers whose plan includes Mini-valets we will charge extra in 15 minute increments at our standard charging rate to deal with cars that are sufficiently dirty to not be effectively cleaned within the pre-agreed rate.  We apply such charges on a non-consultative basis unless we are informed otherwise at the start of the Care Plan service.

Our current standard charging rate is £36.00 per hour (valeting) and £38.00 per hour (detailing).

All prices shown on the website are for guidance only and may be subject to additional charges for heavily soiled cars, eg, excessive tar deposits (exteriors) or excessive dog hair (interiors).


Travel charges

For Care Plan customers – the first 10 miles of travel from our Kendal base are not chargeable.   Thereafter, a charge of £10.00 is made for each further 10 miles traveled or part thereof.  The charge is calculated for the outward journey only.

For one-off customers – a charge of £10.00 is made for each 10 miles traveled from our Kendal base or part thereof.  The charge is calculated for the outward journey only.

Charges are calculated from LA8 9DP.


Care Plans

Either party may terminate a Care Plan without due notice.



Service specifications are subject to change without notice.


Paint and wheels condition

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us if the vehicle has had a paintwork repair or alloy wheel refurbishment.  Depending on the process used these repairs may not be as durable as the original surface and may be damaged by our own products and processes.  If we have not been informed of such repairs we will not be liable for any damage caused.


Health and safety

Please keep all pets and children away from the area in which we are valeting.  We use electrical machinery including high pressure washing equipment which may be dangerous to use by untrained persons.  We also use powerful chemicals that may be dangerous to ingest or make contact with.



Terms and conditions may be varied from time to time.  Changes are announced via the amendment of this page.