RW – Range Rover Sport HSE

“Some while ago I had my Range Rover valeted but not by Nick.  I’d phoned a company to ask about them valeting my car and how much it would be.  Quick as a flash I was told £65 and that it could be done the next day.  I was amazed at the price and said “yes please”.  Sure enough the next day two valeters turned up at my house and an hour and a half later I paid them but stupidly I had not looked at my car first.  It was awful.  It was dirty in places, the wheels still had marks on them, there was tar on the paint and the inside had clearly just had a quick hoover up and a cloth wiped over it.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  I chalked this up to experience.  

Some time later I happened to bump into Nick whilst he was working on another car and asked him how much he would charge. To my surprise he didn’t give me an answer there and then but made an appointment to come to my house to have a good look at my car.  Interesting I thought.  Some days later when Nick arrived I had an very pleasant time chatting to him whilst he pored over my car.  Over coffee he outlined various options and we settled on a price which was £175.  This seemed a lot but I said yes based on my last experience being far too cheap in my eyes.  The next big surprise was that I was going to have to wait six weeks for the service.  I couldn’t believe it but thought it was a good sign so a date was agreed.  

The day came and Nick arrived and set about my car, in a nice way!  Five hours passed and I had deliberately left him to it without interruption.  Finally he was finished and said to me “your new car is ready”.  And new car it was!  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Although my car was nearly three years old at the time it looked wonderful.  My wife came and had a look too and was ‘over the moon’.  We immediately booked it in for the same service every six months and all went to plan.  

A couple of weeks later I received my invoice and could hardly believe my eyes.  It was thirty pounds less than the first one!  I phoned Nick and asked if it was the wrong amount and he said not.  The car hadn’t taken him as long on the second visit and he had charged accordingly.  Absolutely brilliant and a wonderful approach to business.  Nick is now looking after the third car we have had since we first used his excellent service.  Nick is a very good valeter and my wife and I warmly recommend his services.”