Privacy policy

The following policy sets out how we (Clenz Ltd) collects and uses personal data in the course of our business.  We collect data from potential customers contacting us by the telephone number shown, or the contact form, on this website.  We use this data in accordance with the terms of this policy.  Please contact us only if you accept these terms.


The data we collect from you

When you contact Clenz Ltd to enquire about our services we ask you for your name, email address, telephone contact number, town or city where you are resident and your vehicle make and model.  We use this information to respond to your enquiry.

Once we reach an agreement to supply our services to you we further request that you supply us with your full postal address.

The above is the only personal data that we collect from you.


What we use your data for

The town or city where you are resident – we use this to check whether or not we supply our services in the area that you live.  We also use it to check whether or not travel charges are applicable should we supply services to you.

Your name, email address and telephone number – we use these to arrange your appointment(s), remind you of your appointment(s), to inform you of any issues that may affect your appointment(s) and to provide post-appointment feedback and messages of gratitude.

Your name, postal address and email address – we use these to set up a personal account for you with Clenz Ltd on our accounting platform.  This enables us to comply with relevant law requiring us to maintain an auditable trail of our customer financial transactions.  Your email address enables us to send your invoice(s) to you via email attachment – this being the most environmentally friendly method of supplying them to you.

Your postal address – we use this to find the location where we will supply our services to you.

Vehicle make and model – we use these details to check which price category applies to your vehicle and to determine which of our services are most appropriate for the vehicle.


Who we share your data with

Notwithstanding any legitimate legal request to view your data, we do not share your data with any third party.

We do not use your personal data for marketing purposes eg mailshots.


Where your data is stored

All personal data is securely stored on local drives & devices, cloud based platforms or hosted servers.


How long we retain your data for

We retain your data for as long as we require it to transact business with you or for as long as relevant law dictates.

All personal details that are submitted without an agreement for us to supply services to you being reached within four weeks from the date of initial contact, are permanently deleted.


How to check what personal data we hold for you and its accuracy

You may contact us by any means that suits you to check what personal data of yours that we hold and its accuracy.


How to remove your personal data

You may contact us by any means that suits you to request the removal of your personal data that we hold and that we are not required to retain by law.


Updates to our privacy policy

Will be announced via the update of the policy as shown on this website.