Pre-inspection service?

Where possible we like to pre-inspect your vehicle prior to committing to a service, price and date.  Our customers often give positive feedback on this approach.

The reason that we carry out a pre-inspection is two-fold.  Firstly, we can get to know your vehicle usage profile, your specific requirements and any problems that you want resolving.  Secondly, we can carry out a thorough check of your vehicle and then suggest the appropriate service for your car.  We believe that this ensures that our customers receive the best vfm possible.

When we pre-inspect your vehicle we will commit to a price that will not be exceeded on the day of your valet or detail.  The only proviso being that the vehicle condition has not significantly deteriorated since the inspection.

Where it is not practical to pre-inspect due to longer travel distances we operate a slightly different process as follows.

Once you have contacted us we will ask you for further information regarding your vehicle and its condition.  Then, using our extensive experience, we will provide you with an approximate price for your service.  When we arrive on the day of your booked service we will inspect the vehicle and give you a firm price that will not be exceeded.