Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Overview: A drop dead gorgeous 911 is always a lovely sight to see.  This Carrera 4S Convertible is particularly stunning.  Finished in glorious Miami Blue there are few cars on the road more eye catching than this.  Usual fantastic performance and build quality from Porsche make this an enviable car to own.  Supplied with a dealer applied ceramic coating our Base Plus Detail was carried out to enhance the gloss of the vehicle.  Ceramic coatings can leave paintwork lacking a little lustre and in this detail we used a high gloss sealant that uses similar chemistry to full blown ceramic coatings to bring the colour to life.  Wheels treated with Gtechniq’s excellent C5 Wheel Armour.

Exterior: Base Plus Detail

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: TAC System One Step Master Sealant

Other: Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour application

Cleansing process: Car pre-soaked with ValetPro pH Neutral Advanced Snowfoam and then rinsed, followed by washing with Swissvax Car Bath shampoo.  Paintwork de-tarred with Autojoy Tar & Glue Remover.  Paintwork de-contaminated with Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood fallout remover then rinsed and dried with a Metro Vac Sidekick Master Blaster and Chemical Guys Super Fatty drying towel.  Final decontamination phase completed with wipe down with Gtechniq Panel Wipe.  Wheels cleaned with Krystal Kleen Brake Away and then treated with two applications of Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood fallout remover.  Exhaust tips cleaned with Auto Finesse Mercury metal polish.

Protection process: TAC System One Step Master Sealant applied to paintwork.  Wheels sealed with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour.  Tyres treated with Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing.  Exterior plastics treated with G303 Aerospace Protectant.  Glass cleaned with KKD Hydroglas.