New Car Detail (Ceramic)

Protect your new car with a tough ceramic coating from day one – keep damaging pollutants at bay, lock in that factory fresh shine and make light work of cleaning your car!

Ceramic coatings are state-of-the-art protection systems for your car’s exterior surfaces and are:

  • Long lasting
  • Very tough with the ability to resist light marring
  • Extremely hydrophobic and shed pollutant containing water easily
  • Easy to clean with a degree of self cleaning ability

Following a comprehensive multi-stage cleansing and decontamination process your car is expertly treated with the latest ceramic coating products from manufacturers such as CarPro, Gtechniq, Nanolex, Feynlab and Liquid Elements.


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Top tip!  We suggest that you provisionally book your New Car Detail with us at the earliest opportunity – even if its due date is weeks or months ahead.  Once your slot is booked, we will work with you to synchronise our diary with any fluctuations in your estimated car delivery date. 



With an extremely durable ceramic coating this detail will give your car a great start in life and is an ideal starting point for a Clenz Ltd Care Plan.




  • Paintwork safe wash
  • Wheels cleaned with pH neutral cleaner
  • Paintwork and wheels de-tarred
  • Chemical removal of metal contaminants from paintwork and wheels
  • Clay-bar treatment to remove bonded-on contaminants from paintwork (if required)
  • Tailpipes cleaned and polished


Protection and appearance

  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork
  • Sacrificial ‘overcoat’ applied to paintwork to protect against water spotting whilst the primary coat is curing
  • Wheel sealant applied (can be upgraded to heat resistant ceramic coating)
  • Choice of gloss or matte tyre finish application



  • High temperature resistant ceramic wheel coating application
  • Paintwork enhancement (light swirl removal)
  • Engine bay protected
  • Fabric hood proofed
  • Exterior glass sealant application



  • Compact – £260.00
  • Medium – £280.00 – 300.00
  • Large – £355.00


Ceramic wheel coating price

  • From £55.00 depending on size and intricacy of design


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