Morgan Plus 4

Overview: A very enjoyable detail of this modern classic.  Presented in very good condition this Morgan required a mild paint lift followed by long-lasting protection.

Gentle paint renovation was carried out with pre-wax cleanser applied by hand producing a high gloss finish.  We use this method instead of machine application in situations where paint is very soft or where complex body shapes make it difficult to machine effectively; both applicable on this vehicle.

Exterior: Custom (based on Protection Detail)

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: Swissvax Best of Show Wax (2 coats)

Cleansing process: Car hand-washed with Swissvax Car Bath and then rinsed.  Paintwork clay-barred with Sonus Ultra-fine Clay (lubricated with VP Bling).  Dodo Lime Prime Lite Paint Cleanser applied by hand to all panels then buffed off.  Paintwork then wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol, rinsed with water and re-dried.  Wheels cleaned with Autosmart Smartwheels.  Exhaust tips de-tarred and then cleaned with Duragloss Metal Polish and superfine steel wool followed by Meguiars NXT polish.

Protection process: Coat of Swissvax Best of Show Wax applied then buffed off.  Identical second wax application carried out. Screen sealed with Wolf’s Glass Sealant.  Wheels sealed with Swissvax Autabahm.  Tyres treated with Swissvax Pneu dressing.

“My 4 year old pride and joy was losing its bloom despite my best efforts.  Nick has worked his magic to restore it to better than showroom standard!  Absolutely delighted with Nick’s professional and personable approach.  I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”   Bob Wheatley.