For a fresh, clean and great looking cockpit, that beautifully compliments the exterior of your lovely car, look no further than one of our interior valets.

Nothing makes your car feel old beyond its years than a jaded cabin.  Tired leather,  lacklustre trim, dirty headlinings and carpets as well as irritatingly grubby dashboards, all conspire to make your car a little less easy to love.

By carefully restoring the many different surfaces of your car’s interior back to factory condition, and no, we don’t use any of those awful silicone sprays, your car will look and feel like new again.

And you never know, apart from putting a smile on your face, your pride and joy’s lovely interior may even make you want to keep the relationship going a little longer!

Please note – we do not offer our interior valets on a standalone basis.  They are supplied only in conjunction with one of our exterior details or valets.


Flex Interior Valet.

If you look after your car, and the interior  just needs a freshen-up, then you may be surprised at how little a high quality interior valet can cost.

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Full Works Interior Valet.

Does your car’s once gorgeous interior need resurrecting?  Even if children, dogs, an outdoor lifestyle and high mileage have taken their toll, we can restore your car’s interior to showroom condition.

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Interior prices – last revised January 2018


ServiceCompactLargeExtra Large
Flex Interior ValetFrom £25.00From £35.00From £42.50
Full Works Interior Valet
From £48.00From £64.00From £80.00