Classic Plus Valet

For great looks and durable protection for your quality daily driver, this exceptional valet takes some beating.

Classic Plus Valet = Classic Valet + partial clay-bar treatment + upgrade spray sealant to long-life wax + wheel sealant.

Your car is thoroughly cleaned including removing harmful tar deposits from the paintwork.  Key areas of the car are clay-barred to remove contaminants and an alcohol wipe-down then renders the paintwork squeaky clean in preparation for an application of very durable wax.  Your car’s wheels are then sealed to complete the protection process.

The ideal valet for hard working 4×4’s and all cars used on a daily basis.



  • Paintwork safe wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Paintwork and wheels de-tarred
  • Partial clay-bar treatment to remove tree sap etc from bonnet, roof and boot-lid
  • Paint cleanser applied
  • Tailpipes cleaned and polished


Protection and appearance

  • Long-life wax applied to paintwork
  • Wheels sealed
  • Tyre finish restored



  • Engine bay cleaned and protected
  • Fabric hood re-proofed
  • Flex Interior Valet
  • Full Works Interior Valet



  • Compact – £82.50
  • Medium – £90.00 to £97.50
  • Large – £115.00


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