Mini Valet

If you have previously had your car valeted by us but do not have the time, or possibly inclination, to carry out ongoing routine cleaning then our Mini Valet is the ideal service for you.

This simple, but very effective valet, is carried out on a 4, 6 or 8-weekly basis and leaves your car looking clean and fresh between major services.

The exterior of your car (paintwork and wheels) is thoroughly cleaned and dried.  Tyre finish is restored and glass is polished.

The interior is hoovered, all trim is wiped clean, glass is polished and air freshener applied.

Please note – this is not a standalone service and is only offered as part of a Clenz Ltd Care Plan.

Geographic restrictions also apply and Mini Valets can only be provided in the Kendal, Bowness & Windermere areas.



  • Compact from £36.00
  • Large from £39.50
  • Ex.Large from £49.50


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