Our highly specified valets will delight even the most fastidious car owner.

Your car is difficult to clean, it is covered with irritating tar spots and you worry about the environment dulling your once shiny paintwork.  Our exterior valets solve these problems beautifully!

Upon return to you your car will have been thoroughly cleaned, de-tarred and coated with a high quality spray sealant or wax – leaving you with the confidence that it is fully protected against the elements, as well as being much easier for you to wash, dry and keep clean.


Classic Valet

Our entry level valet, but one that is still well specified.  Ideal for quality working cars and second/third cars.

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Classic Plus Valet

Every year since we introduced it in 2007, this has been our best selling service – testament to its enduring quality.  Whether you have a BMW 3 Series, Porsche 911 or Range Rover Vogue this is an ideal valet for all cars that are used on a daily basis.

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Valeting prices – last revised January 2018


ServiceCompactLargeExtra Large
Classic Valet£67.50£75.00£90.00
Classic Plus Valet£85.00£92.50£110.00