Flex Interior Valet

Wouldn’t it be great if we could save you money on your car’s interior clean and leave you with more of your budget to spend on beautifying that all important exterior?

Our Flex Interior Valet does exactly this!

Rather than a fixed price service that could mean that you pay too much, we simply charge you by the hour for what really needs doing to renovate your car’s interior to showroom condition.

The exact processes carried out will depend entirely on the starting condition of your vehicles interior and any particular problems that need rectifying.

Please note – we do not offer this service on a standalone basis.  It is supplied only in conjunction with one of our exterior details or valets.


Main features (as required)

  • All carpets hoovered and marks removed
  • Seats cleaned (leather or fabric upholstery will determine cleaning process)
  • Headlining marks removed
  • All trim plastics cleaned and treated with renovating dressing
  • All cubbies etc cleaned
  • Wood, aluminium, carbon-fibre etc polished
  • All glass and mirrors polished
  • Interior deodoriser applied
  • Bootwell cleaned



  • Compact from £30.00
  • Medium from £37.50
  • Large from £45.00


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