Protection Detail

Your pride and joy needs a ‘lift’ to restore its showroom gloss and, once restored, you want durable protection to lock the shine in.  This detail delivers on both fronts and is packed with a huge list of features that pamper your car to keep it looking beautiful.

Prior to applying wax and sealant protection to your car, we carry out a very comprehensive clean of the vehicle.

Following a multi-stage wash process we chemically remove tar and metal contaminants from the paintwork and wheels (including inner rims if accessible). Clay-bar treatment removes other bonded-on impurities such as tree sap.

Double layer protection comes as standard with this detail.  An application of a quality sealant base coat followed by a coat of Carnauba wax (>30%) provides a superb level of protection as well as a deep shine finish.

Seriously shiny and with high levels of protection – this is a great detail for your lovely car.



  • Paintwork safe wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Paintwork and wheels de-tarred
  • Chemical removal of metal contaminants from paintwork and wheels
  • Clay-bar treatment to remove tree sap etc from paintwork
  • Clay-bar all glass
  • Tailpipes cleaned and polished


Protection and appearance

  • Quality sealant base coat applied to paintwork
  • Carnauba wax (>30%) applied to paintwork
  • Wheel sealant applied
  • Door shuts treated with spray sealant
  • UV block applied to plastic trim
  • Door seals conditioned
  • Choice of gloss or matte tyre finish application



  • High temperature resistant ceramic wheel coating application
  • Paintwork enhancement (light swirl removal)
  • Engine bay cleaned and protected
  • Fabric hood re-proofed
  • Flex Interior Valet
  • Full Works Interior Valet



  • Compact – £162.50
  • Medium – £177.50 to £190.00
  • Large – £225.00


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