Enhancement Detail

If swirl marks are marring the enjoyment of your car, or if your car’s paintwork simply needs a ‘lift’, then look no further than this highly specified detail.

Following a thorough cleaning process, including de-tarring and iron particle removal, we expertly remove light swirl marks and other defects from the paintwork of your car with a single-stage machine polish.

Using a self-diminishing polish (the cutting particles progressively get smaller in size as the polish is ‘worked’) we are able to safely remove most swirl marks and gloss the paint in one operation.  This process leaves your car’s paintwork  looking significantly improved and is far cheaper than a multi-stage full correction detail.

The car is then finished to the same specification as our Protection Detail.

A beautiful detail for beautiful cars!



Starting prices are based on lightly swirled cars.  Cars with heavily swirling will cost more and we price following inspection and panel test.  Once we have inspected your car and agreed a price it will not be exceeded when we carry out your detail.

  • Compact from £230.00
  • Medium from £250.00
  • Large from £300.00


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Aston Martin Vanquish S treated with our Enhancement Detail

A tale of woe!  Following a trip to a body-shop to rectify some minor paint damage this beautiful car returned in this dreadful state.  Two days of intensive polishing restored its former glory.