Scratch removal

Scratches, scuffs and bird strike marks can spoil the pleasure of owning a beautiful car.

Fortunately we have the expertise and equipment to remove many of these defects.  Using one of our high quality polishing machines we carry out a multi-stage correction of the defect.  Initially we use a coarse compound to remove most of the defect and then gradually use gentler polishes to refine the finish, leaving the paintwork beautifully shiny and free from blemishes.


Some advice

If you can see bare metal or primer in the scratch, or it is deep enough to catch your thumbnail when it is dragged at a right angle to the scratch, then the only remedy is a visit to a body-shop for a respray.

Bird strike marks are best left to the experts to remove.  Quite often the vehicle’s owner will attempt to rectify the problem and, in the process, make matters worse.  Nylon scouring pads do not work!  We’ve seen the results of these on several occasions.

Please do not use T-cut on modern car finishes.  You will invariably create a dull patch of paint on your car as you try to remove whatever it was that was irritating you.  We can rectify this though if you have T-cut your car before reading this advice!



Minimum charge of £20.00 for the first half hour and then £40.00 per hour charged in 15 minute increments.  Many problems are dealt with within the standard charge.

Please note – we do not offer this service on a standalone basis.  It is supplied only in conjunction with one of our exterior details or valets.


Before and after shots

The first pair belong to a Mini Cooper S.  This mint condition car was dealer serviced and it was returned with seven severe scuffs like the one pictured.  Rectification cost was around £120.00 which was successfully recovered from the dealer by the customer.

The second pair are of a Jaguar XKR that had several bird strike marks.  The customer attempted to remove them with a “soft pink scouring pad”.  In total there were five strikes, plus soft pink scouring pad damage, on the bonnet and roof of the car.  Rectification cost was around £90.00.