Porsche 911 Turbo Sport Chrono

Overview: Meet J-Lo, a ‘proper’ 911 – model designation 997.2 PDK.  This beautiful example is in near mint condition and was a pleasure to work on.  Treated to our Protection Detail she is now ready to go on tour!  A fabulous sounding car with huge performance plus Sport Chrono overboost function – every little helps!

Exterior: Protection Detail

Interior: N/A

Protection: Gtechniq C2V3 Sealant + Raceglaze PTFE Wax + CarPro Reload

Cleansing process: Car snowfoamed with AJ Pre-wash, rinsed and then hand-washed.  Paintwork de-tarred with AJ Tar & Glue Remover.  Envy Iron Awe metal de-contaminant treatment carried out on all paintwork.  Paintwork then clayed with AJ Superfine Yellow Clay followed by wipe-down with Envy Filler Killer to remove all traces of chemicals from previous processes.  All glass clayed with AJ Superfine Yellow Clay.  Wheels cleaned with Krystal Kleen Brake Away.  Wheels then treated with AJ Tar & Glue Remover and Envy Iron Awe metal de-contaminant.  Exhaust tips cleaned with Auto Finesse Mercury Polish and Rustins Grade 0000 Superfine Steel Wool.

Protection process: Base coat of Gtechniq C2V3 Sealant applied then buffed off.  Top coat of Raceglaze PTFE Wax applied then buffed off.  CarPro Reload applied over wax as sacrificial coating.  Plastic trim waxed with Angelwax Halo synthetic wax.  All cabin glass and lights sealed with Carlack Glass Sealant.  Wheels sealed with Nanolex Ceramic Coating.  Tyres treated with Car Skin Matt Rubber tyre dressing.