Full Works Interior Valet

Some cars lead a much harder life than others, especially SUV’s etc used in wet and muddy Cumbria!

If your car’s interior is looking more than a little worse for wear then we can restore it to its former glory.

Following a comprehensive clean all surfaces and materials are treated with appropriate conditioners and protectants.

Your car will be returned to near showroom condition barring damaged trim etc.

Please note – we do not offer this service on a standalone basis.  It is supplied only in conjunction with one of our exterior details or valets.


Main features (as required)

  • All carpets hoovered, steam sterilised and spot cleaned
  • 3M Scotchguard applied to footwell carpets and mats
  • Seats cleaned (leather or fabric upholstery will determine cleaning process)
  • Leather seats treated with conditioner
  • Headlining steam cleaned and treated with anti-bacterial spray
  • All trim plastics cleaned and treated with renovating dressing
  • All cubbies etc cleaned
  • Wood, aluminium, carbon-fibre etc polished
  • All glass and mirrors polished
  • Interior deodoriser applied
  • Bootwell cleaned



  • Compact from £50.00
  • Medium from £65.00
  • Large from £80.00


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