Fabric hoods

Wet weather can quickly take its toll on fabric hoods.  There’s little worse than a ‘green’ hood to take the edge off the appearance of a lovely car.

Apart from how your hood looks, unprotected fabric becomes water sodden and in freeze/thaw conditions this will cause fabric fibres to rupture, which in turn allows more water ingress.   A vicious circle!

Manufacturers recommend that OEM standard re-proofing is applied every 12 months to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

Once we have carefully removed all traces of algae/lichen from your car’s  hood, we then apply two coats of high quality re-proofer to reinstate the protection levels to an ‘as new’ state.  We use Renovo products which are used as standard by most car manufacturers.

Priced from £60.00 as a standalone service, we are able to reduce the price considerably if carried out with any of our exterior details or valets.


Audi A4 Cabriolet roof before and after cleaning and reproofing.