Maintenance Detail

Freshen-up service for previously detailed cars with the emphasis on maintaining protection levels to the paintwork and alloy wheels.

Ideally carried out every 3-4 months between annual details. We carefully clean your car inside and out to leave it ‘factory fresh’.

The exterior of your car is washed, paint cleanser is then applied before original protection is topped up as required. Wheel sealant is also reapplied. Tyre finish is restored, glass polished and tailpipes cleaned.

The interior is hoovered, all trim is wiped clean, glass is polished and air freshener applied.

Please note – this is not a standalone service and is only offered as part of a Clenz Ltd Care Plan. 


This service is priced on a ‘from’ basis  as exterior and interior conditions of cars  can vary greatly.  Any over-run in excess of our standard timings for each size of car will be charged at our standard hourly detailing rate (see Terms & Conditions at the foot of the website) in 15 minute increments.



  • Compact from £92.50
  • Medium from £102.00
  • Large from £120.00


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