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We are often asked these questions and we hope that you find the answers useful.  Please contact us if there is anything that we have not covered on the site.

Do you come to us?

Yes we do.  We do not have premises. We operate a van based mobile service.

How much is a detail or valet?

The most commonly asked question that we are asked and one that we cannot answer without seeing your vehicle.

The variables that affect the price are many.  To determine our most suitable service (and hence price) we factor in the condition of the car, the size of the car, the protection levels the owner requires and of course customer preferences and any particular problems they need solving.

This is why we genuinely don’t have an answer to the question until we inspect the vehicle.

Can you valet my car today?

This is extremely unlikely (sorry) for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we are always busy with our regular customer base and any free days we do have tend to become filled due to rained-off valets being rebooked.  Cumbria is a wet place.

Secondly, we do not price work without seeing the vehicle first.  It is impossible to use our expertise to give you our best advice without inspecting your car.

Please contact us for information regarding current lead times.

Do you need power and water?

We require access to a power point.  Both standard household 3 pin or exterior ‘Blue’ sockets are fine.

Sufficient water for your valet or detail is carried onboard our van.

Can you work in bad weather conditions?

The short answer is no.  However, in very light rain we may be able to carry out Mini-valets.

Here’s why the answer is no.

Light to heavy rain – wax & sealants do not adhere to wet surfaces and during heavy rain grit is continually bounced up onto the lower reaches of the cars paintwork which may cause scratching.  Interiors are impossible to valet as door trims and upholstery get soaking wet plus windows suffer from heavy condensation.  We know that some valeting companies work during rain but we think you would be wasting your money which doesn’t sit well with our VFM approach.

Snow and ice – apart from the obvious safety issues in low temperatures, typically below 3 Celsius, the water from our pressure washer will contact freeze on the vehicles paintwork.  This leaves a coating of dirty ice that cannot safely be removed until temperatures rise again.  Attempting to remove hard snow and ice with a pressure washer can cause scratches to the vehicle.

High winds – these blow dirt and grit across the vehicle which increases the risk of paintwork scratches during many of our processes.

Under all of these conditions we will re-book your appointment to a mutually convenient date.

Do you…..?

Valet interiors only?  No we don’t.

Clean single seats?  No we don’t.

Provide a cheap wash service?  No we don’t.

Clean commercial vehicles?  No we don’t.

Provide a professional service with great attention to detail?  Of course.  Just give us a call and put us to the test!

What happens if my service has to be re-booked?

Should your service have to be re-booked (mainly due to bad weather) we will endeavour to do so as quickly as possible.

Each month we ‘save’ a small number of days for this circumstance plus we can occasionally use our scheduled non-working days too.

However, from November through to February, shorter daylight hours make rescheduling major services virtually impossible.

To avoid disappointment, we tend to schedule only Mini-valets during these months as we can usually rearrange these quite quickly.

Do you carry out ‘one-off’ details and valets?

Yes we do.  But be warned, you’ll probably become a regular customer of ours!

Every year we carry out a number of ‘one-off’ commissions, usually higher end details and valets.

Due to our large customer base and the vagaries of the Cumbrian weather, we usually fit these in between April and September.

Please try to book us a long way ahead if you want a ‘one-off’ service for a particular date and don’t want to be disappointed by our non-availability.

Is Clenz Ltd a franchise?

No.  Clenz Ltd is wholly owned and operated by Nick Laurie.

Travel charges?

For Care Plan customers – no charge is made for work carried out within a 10 mile radius of Kendal (LA8 9DP). Thereafter, a charge of £10.00 is made for each subsequent 10 miles traveled or part thereof, the charge is calculated for the outward journey only.

For one-off customers – a charge of £10.00 is made for each 10 miles traveled from Kendal (LA8 9DP) or part thereof, the charge is calculated for the outward journey only.

Pre-inspection service?

Where possible we like to pre-inspect your vehicle prior to committing to a service, price and date.  Our customers often give positive feedback on this approach.

The reason that we carry out a pre-inspection is two-fold.  Firstly, we can get to know your vehicle usage profile, your specific requirements and any problems that you want resolving.  Secondly, we can carry out a thorough check of your vehicle and then suggest the appropriate service for your car.  We believe that this ensures that our customers receive the best vfm possible.

When we pre-inspect your vehicle we will commit to a price that will not be exceeded on the day of your valet or detail.  The only proviso being that the vehicle condition has not significantly deteriorated since the inspection.

Where it is not practical to pre-inspect due to longer travel distances we operate a slightly different process as follows.

Once you have contacted us we will ask you for further information regarding your vehicle and its condition.  Then, using our extensive experience, we will provide you with an approximate price for your service.  When we arrive on the day of your booked service we will inspect the vehicle and give you a firm price that will not be exceeded.