About Clenz Ltd

Formed in 2005 Clenz Ltd provides high quality car detailing and valeting services throughout Cumbria, Lancashire & The Dales.


Who we are

Owned and operated by Nick Laurie we are based in Kendal and are passionate about helping our customers maintain their cars in superb condition.  Our fully equipped van enables us to clean, restore and protect your quality car with the minimum of fuss at your home or office.  We are highly experienced, fully insured and have over a decade of experience of working on quality vehicles.


What we do

Our customers love their cars.  They want to keep them properly protected as well as looking great at all times. We provide a professional detailing and valeting service that exactly fulfills these needs.

Our services include; highly specified details and valets, ceramic vehicle protection, machine polishing, from simple scratch removal to full paintwork correction, as well as finishing touches such as engine bay detailing, leather rejuvenation and fabric hood restoration.  In short, if it can be cleaned, restored or protected, we can do it!


How we are different

Most car detailing and valeting companies serve ‘one-off’ customers.  Our simple philosophy is that quality cars need properly maintaining on an ongoing basis.  Like us you will understand the reasons for this.  Our business is built around fulfilling the needs of like-minded car owners and over 98% of our work is repeat business to customers whose cars are being maintained on a Clenz Ltd Care Plan.

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This all sounds good but are there any wrinkles?

Remember your first quality car?  Chances are that you worked hard for it and that you had to wait a while for it too.  The best things in life etc.  You can see where this is heading now!

We’re a very busy business and because of this we may have to work hard to fit you into our near-term schedule.  However, whilst we may not be able to fit your car in tomorrow, rest assured that we will move mountains to add another nice customer and another nice car to the Clenz Ltd ‘fleet’!


Why you should choose Clenz Ltd

We care about our customers and we care about their cars.  Our customers can probably say why you should choose us better than we can.

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I look forward to being of service to you.

Nick Laurie