Range Rover Sport

Overview: Beautiful Firenze Red Range Rover Sport at the outset of its Care Plan and being treated with this year’s version of our Winter Protection Detail.  The specification of this detail changes each year to reflect new technologies in the product marketplace.  This year we have chosen Polish Angel’s excellent Master Sealant for the paintwork, Carpro’s innovative HydrO2 for all plastic trim and Wolf’s Chemicals Rim Shield for the alloys – all superb products and ideal for a car just starting it’s life cycle.  We expect this car to be with us a long time – it’s predecessor (previous generation Sport) was with us for around 8 years and departed in stunning condition for its age!

Exterior: Winter Protection Detail

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: Polish Angel Master Sealant + CarPro HydrO2

Cleansing process: Car snowfoamed with Krystal Kleen Blizzard Snowfoam, rinsed and then hand-washed with ValetPRO ph neutral shampoo. Paintwork de-tarred with AJ Tar & Glue Remover then clayed with ValetPRO Superfine Orange Clay. Paintwork de-contaminated with ValetPRO Dragon’s Breath fallout remover followed by wipe down with Envy Filler Killer, rinsed with water and re-dried.  Wheels cleaned with Krystal Kleen Brake Away.  Wheels then treated with ValetPRO Dragon’s Breath fallout remover and AJ Tar & Glue Remover.  Exhaust tips cleaned with Mothers Metal Polish and Grade OOOO wire wool.

Protection process: Polish Angel Master Sealant applied to paintwork.  Lights, grill, bodywork plastics, mud-flaps and exhaust tips treated with CarPro HydrO2.  Wheels sealed with Wolf’s Chemicals Rim Shield. Tyres treated with Gyeon Q2 tyre dressing using heat bonding method.