Maserati Gransport V8

Overview: Rather lovely and rare Maserati.  Powered by 390bhp of Ferrari developed engine this car exudes old world charm; especially in the lovely all leather cockpit.  Treated to our New Car Detail (Ceramic) with more extensive pre-coating preparation.  Protected with the UK edition of CarPro’s excellent ceramic coating.  As ever, always a treat to work on something different!

Exterior: Protection Detail (Ceramic)

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: CarPro Cquartz UK Edition Ceramic Coating

Other: Engine Bay Clean

Cleansing process: Car pre-cleansed with Nanolex Concentrated Pre-wash and then foamed with Kyrstal Kleen Blizzard snow foam. Vehicle then washed with Swissvax Pneu shampoo.  Paintwork, wheels and glass soaked in Autoglym Fallout Remover for 15 minutes and then rinsed.  Tar deposits safely removed with KKD TarX.  Paintwork and glass clay-barred with VP Superfine Orange Clay.  Paintwork and wheels then wiped down with CarPro Eraser to remove last traces of contaminants.  Exhaust tips cleaned with Mothers Metal Polish.

Protection process: Paintwork & wheels treated with CarPro Cquartz UK Edition Ceramic Coating.   All glass treated with KKD Hydroglas glass sealant.  Tyres treated with Car Skin Matt tyre dressing.