Porsche Cayman

Overview: Superb looking Cayman treated with our Base Detail.  Shod with rather lovely 20″ Carrera S wheels and gleaming under a coat of Polish Angel Rapidwaxx rather fittingly developed by Alois Miere in the Cayman’s homeland.

Exterior: Base Detail

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: Polish Angel Rapidwaxx x 2

Cleansing process: Car snowfoamed with Krystal Kleen Blizzard Snowfoam, rinsed and then hand-washed with Krystal Kleen Very Cherry shampoo.  Paintwork de-tarred with AJ Tar & Glue Remover then clayed with AJ Superfine Yellow Clay.  Paintwork de-contaminated with Envy Iron Awe fallout remover followed by wipe down with Envy Filler Killer, rinsed with water and re-dried.  Wheels cleaned with Krystal Kleen Brake Away.  Wheels then treated with Envy Iron Awe fallout remover and AJ Tar & Glue Remover.  Exhaust tips cleaned with Mothers Metal Polish and 3M Safe Pad.

Protection process: Polish Angel Rapidwaxx applied to paintwork.  Wheels sealed with Wolf’s Chemicals Rim Shield.  Tyres treated with Gyeon Q2 tyre dressing using heat bonding method. Windscreen sealed with Carlack Glass Sealant.