Seat Leon FR

Overview: Very pretty Leon FR from Seat.  Wheels painted by supplying dealer in black which contrast really well the sharp white paintwork.  Coated with CarPro Cquartz UK Edition ceramic coating for maximum protection – much needed in this instance as the car ‘lives’ in a very high and exposed area of Cumbria!

Exterior: New Car Detail (Ceramic)

Interior: N/A

Protection: CarPro Cquartz UK Edition Ceramic Coating

Cleansing process: Car pre-cleansed with Nanolex Concentrated Pre-wash and then foamed with Kyrstal Kleen Blizzard.  Vehicle then washed with Gyeon Q2M Bathe shampoo.  Paintwork, wheels and glass soaked in Dragon’s Breath fallout remover (50:50 mix) for 15 minutes and then rinsed.  Vehicle re-rinsed and then touch-less dried using Metro Vac Sidekick air blower.  Paintwork and wheels then wiped down with CarPro Eraser to remove last traces of contaminants.

Protection process: Paintwork and wheels treated with CarPro Cquartz UK Edition ceramic coating.  Sacrificial coat of CarPro Reload low concentration SiO2 coating applied.  Tyres treated with Envy Rubber Lover tyre dressing.  Glass treated with KKD Hydroglas.  Paintwork checked for uniform application with Defelsko Positest paint thickness gauge with readings of around 125 microns across the vehicle indicating no pre-delivery damage.