Mini One

Overview: Rather nice Mini One finished in gorgeous Electric Blue paintwork.  Brand new and treated to a ceramic coating from Liquid Elements for long lasting protection and maintenance of that lovely shine!

Exterior: New Car Detail (Ceramic)

Interior: N/A

Protection: Liquid Elements Ecoshield Ceramic Coating

Cleansing process: Car pre-cleansed with Nanolex Concentrated Pre-wash (two applications needed to remove dealer applied pre-delivery wax) and then foamed with Kyrstal Kleen Blizzard Tutti Frutti.  Vehicle then washed with Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo.  Paintwork soaked in Autoglym Fallout Remover for 20 minutes to remove metal contaminants and then rinsed.  Dragon’s Breath fallout remover applied to wheels for 15 minutes and then rinsed.  Paintwork and wheels de-tarred with AJ Tar and Glue Remover and then paintwork further decontaminated with VP Superfine Yellow Clay Bar.  Vehicle re-rinsed and then touch-less dried using Metro Vac Sidekick air blower.  Paintwork and wheels then wiped down with Gtechniq Panel Wipe to remove last traces of contaminants.  Exhaust tip cleaned with Auto Finesse Mercury metal polish.

Protection process: Paintwork treated with Liquid Elements Ecoshield ceramic coating.  Wheels sealed with Sonax Xtreme Wheels. Tyres treated with Gyeon Q2M Si02 tyre dressing.