Porsche Carrera 4S

Overview: Rather fetching Porsche 911 (996) treated with our brand new Winter Shield Detail.  The Winter Shield is our first ever triple coat detail and includes two coats of high-tech sealant as a base and then a final coat of PTFE enriched wax for maximum winter protection.

Exterior: Winter Protection Detail

Interior: Flex Interior Valet

Protection: Gtechniq C2v3 Sealant x 2 Coats + Raceglaze PTFE Wax

Cleansing process: Car snowfoamed with AJ Pre-wash, rinsed and then hand-washed.  Paintwork de-tarred with AJ Tar & Glue Remover then clayed with AJ Fine Blue Clay.  Paintwork then wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol 50:50, rinsed with water and re-dried.  Wheels cleaned with Krystal Kleen Brake Away and then treated with Wolf’s Chemicals De-contaminant.  Exhaust tips cleaned and protected with Auto Finesse Mercury Polish and 3M Safe Pad.

Protection process: Two coats of Gtechniq C2 V3 Sealant applied then buffed off.  Top coat of Raceglaze PTFE Wax applied then buffed off.  Front screen sealed with Carlack Glass Sealant.  Wheels sealed with Swissvax Autobahm.  Tyres treated with Car Skin Matt Rubber tyre dressing.