Can you work in bad weather conditions?

The short answer is no.  However, in very light rain we may be able to carry out Mini-valets.

Here’s why the answer is no.

Light to heavy rain – wax & sealants do not adhere to wet surfaces and during heavy rain grit is continually bounced up onto the lower reaches of the cars paintwork which may cause scratching.  Interiors are impossible to valet as door trims and upholstery get soaking wet plus windows suffer from heavy condensation.  We know that some valeting companies work during rain but we think you would be wasting your money which doesn’t sit well with our VFM approach.

Snow and ice – apart from the obvious safety issues in low temperatures, typically below 3 Celsius, the water from our pressure washer will contact freeze on the vehicles paintwork.  This leaves a coating of dirty ice that cannot safely be removed until temperatures rise again.  Attempting to remove hard snow and ice with a pressure washer can cause scratches to the vehicle.

High winds – these blow dirt and grit across the vehicle which increases the risk of paintwork scratches during many of our processes.

Under all of these conditions we will re-book your appointment to a mutually convenient date.