Audi A1 S Line

Overview: Beautiful A1 that is one of the best looked after cars that we care for – a real credit to its owner.  Treated with our Classic Plus Valet with added options of ceramic wheel sealant and double layer paint protection.  Pre-sealant/wax cleansing uprated to full clay bar treatment plus the use of Envy Filler Killer to ensure that the paintwork was ‘squeaky clean’ before protection was applied.  One of the first cars that we have treated with services selected from our new Classic Plus Valet custom options package.

Exterior: Classic Plus Valet (Custom)

Interior: N/A

Protection: Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant + Britemax Vantage Wax

Cleansing process: Car pre-cleansed with Autojoy Snowfoam, rinsed and then hand-washed with Autoglym Car Shampoo.  Paintwork de-tarred with Autojoy Tar & Glue Remover then clayed with Sonus Ultra-fine Clay.  Paintwork then wiped down with Envy Filler Killer, rinsed with water and re-dried.  Wheels cleaned with AS Smartwheels.

Protection process: Base coat of Angelwax Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant applied and buffed off.  Top coat of Britemax Vantage Wax applied then buffed off.  Windscreen sealed with Carlack Glass Sealant.  Wheels sealed with Nanolex Ceramic Paint & Alloy Sealant.  Tyres treated with Car Skin Matt Rubber tyre dressing.  Exhaust tip polished and protected with Meguiars NXT Metal Polish.