Detailing [n. dee-tey-ling] – the subtle art of making your car look drop dead gorgeous!


Love your car?  Then you’ll love Clenz Ltd.  We are experts at maintaining cars like yours in ‘as new’ condition.  Whether you require new car protection or current car restoration, we guarantee to put a smile on your face!


Deal with a company you can trust.  With over 10 years experience of detailing quality cars like yours we currently look after over 100 prestige vehicles.  Our discerning customers give us excellent feedback on both the work we carry out and our dedication to delivering a great service.  Take a look at our testimonials page to find out exactly what our customers say about us..


The very best for your car.  Our valets and details are highly specified and are far removed from those provided by ‘splash & dash’ companies.  With meticulous attention to detail, and only using products from the very best manufacturers, we ensure that your quality car is one that you can always be proud of.


Once you have checked out our website, let’s talk!  We’ll listen to what you have to say about your car and then tailor our services to your precise needs.  In our experience, this is the best way to offer you the right advice to keep your ‘pride & joy’ looking fabulous.


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SmallNew car on order?  Before ordering a dealership applied paint sealant, take a look at our alternative protection treatments.

Our New Car Detail, with its tough protective shield, is much better value than dealership applied sealants such as Supaguard, Lifeshine, Diamondbrite etc.

New Car Detail…


Ceramic SiO2Light surface-marring protection for your pride and joy.  Traditional waxes and sealants do not protect against the marring caused by poor wash techniques.

Ceramic (SiO2) coatings are permanently bonded to your car’s paintwork to protect against such damage, as well as locking in that lovely high gloss finish.

Ceramic Coatings…